The state we are – emotional or physical – is the state of consequences, of what we have done until now. We often mistakenly recognize it as final, as our “nature”, as something constant and unchangeable for it is all we know of our experience. That’s not true: each state is a result of our thinking, of acting from our assumptions; changing assumptions, we totally can change the state. But to do that, we must face the message about a lack, we must truly need the change. Don’t wait until cancer or other nasty illness forces you, listen to your body messages. Don’t ignore any disorder of your functioning – this is not true that if something concerns many or even most of people, it is natural, normal, safe. Whatever it is – headache, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, problems with skin, nails, hair, any pain – is not your nature, is an alarm of your body that you do something wrong, that you harm yourself. And almost all roads lead to how you nourish your body.

Whatever we eat gets digested, but to be absorbed needs suitable (alkaline) gut environment or is just wasted, expelled. The problem is that almost everything we use to eat is acid forming, and what we like the most – sugar, alcohol, coffee – is the most acid forming… The organism tries to neutralize the result of our wrong eating habits with some minerals that it must take from somewhere else – making  other process distorted. Those possibilities are not endless – if we are obstinate with our bad eating habits, we ruin tissues that start being ailing and we keep our gut environment acid that causes growth of harmful gut microflora and more lacks of minerals and vitamins for not much can be absorbed of what we eat.

By the way, do you know that a kid that drinks one cola blocks absorbing anything for one whole day? This way someone may eat much and get fat, but becomes malnourished. I know a woman that drank cola as a medicine for frequent indigestions and after some time she had to call an ambulance, because she got tetany that meant the level of calcium and magnesium got drastically low. The doctor was sure she hasn’t eaten anything for weeks, asked her about a slimming diet – but she ate everything like always, just drank cola more and more often. Now recall the advertising and… Happy Christmas everyone. Yeah.

So, write down what you ate during the day and esteem what it made to your gut environment. Just search “acid-forming and alkaline-forming food” in the internet and you will know. The truth is that probably nobody eats the way that allows keeping alkaline gut environment. We made it more and more constantly acid what starts many different disorders in our body. Antibiotic treatment – probably also most of other medicines – ruin our gut environment as well.

We start a vicious circle, because changing aour body’s state, we start wanting food that keeps this state constant, so our chance to naturally recover gets smaller. Actually it is not a vicious circle, it is a downward spiral. Look around, it is our reality where health is not natural, is rather something extraordinary. But it can be different if we make a conscious decision to choose what serves us. It is not easy to stop and turn the downward spiral into upward one, but it is totally possible, including reversing many illnesses, also those serious like asthma or diabetes.


A fear and pain is not necessary factor of your life. But the more you run away from it, the more the negative chases you. The more you get courageous to face it, to cope with it, to get rid of it, the more Love you let into your life. The Love that turns impossible into possible, makes you feel well with self and makes you an instrument to help others.


Love means joy and happiness, so we are naturally attracted by everything what awakes our positive emotions. If we haven’t raised a false ego in us and others were honest, it would work perfectly. But often we want what our ego  wants – big words, appreciation, praising, approval, awarding; status, fame, image – some outer certification for our self-esteem. We want it more than anything true, so we accept pretending, lying and manipulation, we sacrifice truth to get the appearances, to feed the ego with an easy pleasure while our true Self gets starved without Love. Gradually getting addicted we stop seeing that there are empty words, used by others on purpose to get something from us, like in an advertising: “you are worth it, buy it”. We want more and more, although the more makes us more hungry, addicted and unhappy – this is the nature of all stimulants, all substitutes of Love.

What we feel – the negative emotions – is a sign we have lost the way to happiness, is a message to learn from. When we avoid the source of negative emotions automatically, by impulse, we get ruled by a fear, we are misled the same way as the advertising does. When we face it, we get free to choose consciously what makes us satisfied, proud of self, joyful, calm and fulfilled – we get ready to follow Love.


Love is our natural state, like health is our natural state. Choices we make – consciously or not – make us get closer to those states or further from them. Our feelings inform us where we go – the more negative emotions, conflicts and pain, the more we go the wrong way, to unhappiness; the more calm, joy and satisfaction, the closer to happiness we get. The mistake we do is that to get positive emotions we try to control what is outside us, we try to control other people and circumstances – what is unfeasible. We rarely see the other way, for we believe we are fixed as we are, unchangeable, shaped as we are forever – and so imperfect that we don’t deserve to be loved, so full of lacks and defects that we must take anything that appears on our way not to stay with nothing at all. This thinking is the ONLY obstacle to happiness, to feel well and live our dreams. For we are not as we are, we are in a STATE that many factors of our experience have brought us to. Wherever we got, unconsciously following circumstances and false assumptions, there is a way back to Love; just the further we went away, the more effort we need to come back. No one IS bad, people just are DOING things wrong. The more they make harmful choices, the more they get their consequences that keep them stronger where they are – actually no one is standing at one place for all is connected, one thing attracts other ones – every our choice starts upward or downward spiral, a chain reaction forward or backward.

Thinking that everyone can make the right choices as anyone else is like thinking that everyone sick can recover as fast as anyone else. Some of us went so far that almost can’t see the light; their instincts faded, they don’t crave good food for their soul and body for it is like craving flowers blooming in the middle of winter; they are not able to break the vicious circle they got into without a strong impuls. Some of us are the light and can see that – and want to help, to call back those who wandered to unhappiness. It is not possible by force, blackmail or deal – it is possible only one way: being the Love, being the light, being the proof of what others have doubted about. The more someone is addicted in their thinking, the more light they need, the stronger light they need. We don’t have a power over others and circumstances – changes we can do by control are not constant, not true, come from ego’s fear, are like eliminating symptoms without eliminating a cause that produces them. No apparent change has a power to break the downward spiral – we can’t force or oblige anyone to FEEL Love; we can only shine Love that we are as much, as strongly, as long as it takes to call the wandering one back. The bigger is our faith, hope and Love, the brighter we can shine for others. The purer is our Love that empowers what is good and doesn’t agree for what is harmful, the more we are helpful. The more we do that from the need of our heart, not for the result for ourselves, the more power we have. Love means trusting what we feel, not controlling the result by objective measure – Love means giving up control, judging and approval of others. We are as much almighty in Love as much we are able to cut ego’s wants, as much we are able to risk what our fears whisper about, as much we believe beyond what we can see, hear or touch.

Being the Love is like being a negotiator with a suicide standing on the edge. If you believe in force, you will kill them. If you believe in deal, you will make them live unhappy. If you manage to make them WANT to live, you really win. Your fear awakes others’ fear, your Love awakes others’ Love. Your only tool is YOU, the Love you are and shine to show others the direction.


Growing up we learn to use a knife and a computer, and we also learn to recognize Love in ourselves. There is nothing that is opposite to Love, there is nothing that doesn’t include Love. All the false assumptions in our thinking are distorted Truth, misinterpreted Truth about Love.

We seek happiness by instinct, just by aiming low, we agree for momentary pleasures. We feel we need each other, but we try to replace being One in spirit with being close physically with anyone or getting emotionally dependent on someone. We sense a pain is not necessary factor in the life, but we try to control reality to avoid it rather than to remove its source from our minds. We want to be generous from Love, but making it a deal to get the same immediately, we get the hurting untruth back. We feel that the now is the only real and powerful moment we live in, but we misinterpret it to live for now without context and consequences what creates the worse tomorrow. We know there is almighty God in us, but we fear to trust this “too good to be true” news – we prefer to change the state of our minds with substances rather than to do it by conscious effort to make it everlasting.

Every time we allow ourselves to think and act from a distorted Truth, from the false perspective of separate ego, we make a ripple effect that comes back to us, bringing us a distorted effect instead joyful and satisfaying Truth that comes back when we think and act from Love, from the perspective of “we”.

Love is a part of everything. If we focus on it, we make it expand without limits. If we focus on what stuck to Love by false misinterpretation, this is what we make grow in our life. But still, always and in every case, Love doesn’t disappear completely, for it is the source of everything that is.


Reality – situations, other people – is not responsible for what we feel and how our life looks like. It depends on how much Love we have uncovered in ourselves. If someone touches the part of us that has no wounds, it doesn’t hurt, we react in healthy way, empowering the good and not agreeing for harm: we act naturally from Love. But when someone touches the place with the wounds, our emotions become a volcano and we stop recognizing what is what: we reject what serves us and we allow harm.

Wounds are the places in us that were touched by others’ fear – especially by our parent’s fears – and made us doubt in Love. Everyone has a special, unrepeatable set of the wounds that makes impossible to find an universal remedy for them. Others bring us messages about our wounds to make us see them and heal. Sometimes we meet others who have similar wounds – they take a role of our parents in our heart and give us hope to get the perfect Love we didn’t get as a child. But it is an illusion for in fact their fear is our fear and they only strengthen our false pattern, they make us doubt and suffer more. What didn’t work, can’t work – what was untruth, remains untruth. Sometimes we meet others that have wounds in different places that we have – we don’t understand their fears and they don’t understand ours. This is the biggest chance to undermine our doubts in Love, this is like seeing ourselves’ photographic negative to get the whole. People who match each other due to this the fullest way become spiritual partners.

Everyone we meet is a mirror for us to help us see what is true and what is false in our thinking. If we listen to the others’ words for our ego’s goal, we often follow manipulation and games people play of their patterns, we become unconscious pawns in their games. When we listen to what our feelings say about others’ words and behavior, we can see the truth – we can uncover Love hidden under the fears we took once from others who had been the first shape of Love for us.

No one can do that for us, only we can do that for ourselves. Those we meet are the mirrors and bring messages for us, but our healing depends on our courage to face the messages. For we are like kids that are too scared of a monster to open their eyes; if they decide to do that, they can see that monster doesn’t exist.


Love is Truth. Love needs truth to stay alive. Love gets pushed away when we lie, pretend, manipulate; also when we don’t want to see and name what is like it really is – when we deceive ourselves to save an image, an illusion. There is no possibility to be faithful to two opposite sides – either we give up truth to follow ego to get something other than Love or we stay loyal to the self, to the truth of the soul, to get the Love. I often hear it is hard to know what is true, what is right. Yes, when we look through circumstances that we are able to watch from one – own – view point and judge by our mind limited by our specific life experience. No, when we measure by feelings that are the same for everyone – just asking ourselves if we would like to get what we give, if we would like someone to behave toward us as we behave toward others.

Love is faithfulness to self, to truth of the soul and means that you live – you think, you say, you act – like you would like others to be for you. Happiness is when whatever you release of yourself – every thought, sentence, action – is that kind and honest that you want it to come back to you in the same shape from others.