There are many things we believe our happiness depends on; we strive for them randomly, getting equally random outcomes, because associations of the mind creating the belief what we need to get happy are accidental.

Most often we identify happiness with pleasure. Different people choose different things as pleasure, but generally we can count here pleasure from eating and drinking, shopping, traveling, drugs, owning and spending money, listening to music, playing games, watching movies etc. In spite of appearances this layer is the least pertinent to our happiness, because pleasure makes us feel well, comfortable for a moment only, and often its consequences make us feel worse later. Believing that pleasure is crucial for our happiness we get busy with chasing it, with trying to make it last all the time, with replacing one with another – what finally always makes us exhausted and addicted, not happy.

The deeper layer of happiness consists of things that depend more on who we are, that need our conscious effort. There are our hobbys and passions, our relationships with other people, frinds, family etc. They are more crucial for our happiness, because they are more enduring than pleasure – memory of eaten chocolate doesn’t make us feel happy, rather the opposite :D ; but having a friend does, even if we are not talking with them at the moment.

Going deeper again, we have another layer of happiness that we often forget about. It is health, fitness, wellness – that is impossible without our care, without a good rest and sleep, without proper eating, without respecting the body’s needs. We often act against this basic condition for our happiness overusing pleasure that makes us irritable, constantly tired, weak and sick.

Yet there is something that is the key for our happiness, the core of it, something that allows us to feel happy even we don’t have access to the other layers of happiness. There are people among us that are physically disabled, cut off from everything that others are guaranteed, but they dare to be happy, to be useful for others, to become succesful, to question all limits. Like Nick Vujicic, Lizzie Velasquez, Claudio Vieira de Oliveira and many others who are reminders for us that the happiness lies in the way we think about ourselves, in our self-Love.

If we can accept ourselves truly and totally, if we reconnect with Love we are a part of, we can get access to everything else we need for our wellbeing. The opposite direction – using everything we can have access to create a perfect image of ourselves – doesn’t work for our happiness, no matter how hard we try.


The only thing that has power to trigger Love in others is Truth. This is why the Truth is beautiful. But we think it’s the opposite; we believe we need beauty to awake someone’s Love, no matter if it is true or false. Following this belief we start to improve ourselves – physically, emotionally, intelectually, even spiritually – creating an image: something more beautiful than we think we really are. People often don’t recognize whether what we offer them is true or false, they take it as true – when they face its falseness they feel like fools that got deceived, used. But we think they feel disappointed of the ugly truth about us, so because of fear we invest in our image more and more – creating more and more of others’ rejection, because no matter how beautiful and impressing the dummy is, it is still something false, something not existing, like a dummy car we would get as special gift on a birthday; moreover – the bigger our success in fooling others is, the bigger their negative emotions will be when the truth comes out – our own untruth will hit us back.

Truth is beautiful of its nature, because it awakes understanding, Love. When we try to judge it, to control it by hiding its parts that we find ugly, we turn the Truth into untruth and we lose access to others’ Love. How much we accept the Truth about ourselves is how much we are able to accept the Truth about others; how much we are open to the Truth without judging it is how much Love is going to be present in our lives; for dummies make beautiful but valueless pictures and Truth makes room for Love and happiness.


There are many things we are afraid of. Death, loss of loved ones, cataclisms are perfectly natural and understandable fears. But there are also many fears that come with civilization that don’t actually result in any real harm, but they are greater than those ‘natural’ fears nonetheless. Exams, angry bosses, other people’s judgments, mean teachers, being late… None of these can hurt you, but to most people, they are terrifying, beacuse they are connected to their self-esteem and how they see themselves.

In fact, they are a bit like skeletons. Skeletons are one of the many symbols of horror. You see them as decorations around Halloween, in horror flicks or scary stories. But in actuality, they are just bones. Sure, they might look scary in the dark, but that’s about it.

We often don’t fight or question those skeletons, we accept them as a part of our life and we don’t do anything with them. The thing is, they tend to stick around, even if you’re not encountering them in life. They hide in the closet, peeking at you at all times, draining you. And the longer they stay in your closet, the stronger they become. And the stronger they become, the more anxious you get – which often does not help the situation at all and usually just makes it worse.

Getting rid of your skeletons and cleaning out your closet is actually very simple: you need to realise that the situation presents no real threat to you. Angry bosses and mean teachers may be a pain, but they can scream all they want. They can’t harm you, because the truth is, you are entirely independent of their opinion. Exams may be stressful, but after all the results you get are just numbers – and you are most definitely much more than a number on a piece of paper.

So open your closet and revise your skeletons, because they’re not as black as you painted them.


In the beginning there was the Master and his Masterpiece. He sculpted it all by himself. He gave it so much work, it became a piece of his own Soul. He loved it very much and pieces of himself were also in the Masterpiece. Little bits of it were evolving and changing over time. These pieces were his favorites. Some of them reached Conscience and therefore they became a little similar to the Master and those were very special to him. He put a unique bit of his own Soul into them. Each single one of them had a unique gem inside of it and every gem was different and original. But these precious stones were hidden deep inside every piece, put under many layers of hard rock, because then the gem was protected from others that could damage it.

It was hidden so deep in them, many forgot it even existed. They had lost their connection with their insides –  the connection to their inner part of the Master’s Soul. The leayers became very thick and hard to strip off. So each day they needed to take a little bit of the dirt off, dig deeper and deeper every day to force their way to the purest part of themselves, the little bit of the Mater’s Soul. And when they did, they would enter a state of rapture, for they found their inner selves and their inner Peace.

They became one with the Master.