Living means practicing the standard we took form others who was shaping our thinking – the standard we treat like the only script that exists, although we don’t like the role we have in it. Growing spiritually means widening this own limited perspective to recognize what is true and what is false in our thinking and focusing on expanding the true, what brings us well-being.

It is not we as humans are powerless, although we often feel like that. We have power we are usually not aware of, the power that makes us cross limits set by others. We just need to learn to use it, as we often use it to reach the ego’s goals harming the true Self, to rebel against rules that were meant to protect us – what doesn’t bring us happiness or respect of others; but still – the power, the courage, the will, the uncompromising attitude are true. This is what other people can feel and what they want to support in us – and this is what we deny, judging ourselves only by outcomes we get using it wrong.

When we direct our gifts to expand what is false in us, we can get successful, but not happy; when we expand what is true in us, when we grow the true Self instead of the ego, we become peaceful, joyful and happy, we can cross all barriers of the reality we know, we can become almighty – we can reunite with Love we were born of.


We are born of Love as Love and nothing can change our nature. Yet living among others, we take their beliefs and standards as own ones, also – and first of all – we learn their fears that make us doubt in this Truth. Our thinking is a script for our acting, and our behavior creates outcomes that confirm our thinking, so we get stuck in a vicious circle stemming from our random limited experience. Until we don’t share what we think and feel, we can’t break this schema, we stay in some fake world as its prisoners.

Lacks in the self-Love make us doubt in Love at all and block access to our core. Yet no matter how we try, we can’t break this connection totally. It can be seen in special circumstances, rare occasions when we get high on emotions and we allow ourselves to feel the Love and express it. But this is actional Love, it is like a spark that flares up and fades, it mirrors a belief that Love can only happen for a moment and is as scarce as hen’s teeth. Some of us go further and try to control Love, to turn it off and on according to own wants – try to treat it like food: to freeze what they really feel to use it when it is needed to manipulate. They are like actors that identify with their characters and forget who is who, what is true and what is false; they play a role of their image but they use a real magic wand, so get always confused with the results they get.

Our thinking can lead us to the strangest conclusions and the oddest behavior, but it’s reversible proccess if we risk to share what we think and feel – as others are the source of our distorted thinking, as they can become a remedy for it, because the Truth is in between the extrema of our patterns. The Truth is Love, the Love that we are and that we can express constantly, not only when we say “I love you” on emotions, but also when we don’t approve someone’s behavior, not only when we say “yes”, but also when we say “no” of care; not only at Christmas, but every single day, not only joining a charity action, but with every single gesture; not only protesting on streets, but with each choice we make; not only fighting for something occasionally, but with our everyday attitude. The more we believe we are Love, the more we become Love, staying in touch with it, making it flow through us without obstacles.

Love is like breathing – we don’t need breaks from it. It is fear that breaks this natural connection, making us live without Love and feel unhappy. Love is natural like breathing, we just need to remove all what makes us believe oppositely.


People are good and beautiful of their nature, but their fears make them victims and monsters. Those fears stem from our false assumptions about Love, from our wounds in the self-Love, from the sense of guilt or harm.

Love is like a bicycle – to ride it we need to get a perfect balance, but the parents unconsciously give us distorted image of Love that slants our thinking onto one side: either we value others more than ourselves or we put ourselves first neglecting feelings of other people. All the life we seek the balance, the Love – the Truth that we are One. Some of us need to learn to treat their feelings as equally important to others’, some of us need to learn to treat others’ feelings as equally important to their own ones. There is the same fear of loss of Love under both kinds of the distorted thinking, just the behavior – the way of controlling it – differs. Either way, no matter where we come from, whether we feel guilty or harmed, we need to find a balance in relationships with others, the perfect balance of oneness.

The problem is we can’t see clearly, because our boundaries have been dislocated – our attempts to remove them trigger negative emotions defending our comfort zone. We gradually learn to come closer to the balance, to the Love, but to permenently straighten our thinking we need a push – something that wakes us up, makes us see we tip ourselves up; we need some challenge that our self-Love can’t deny, must recognize as true to force us to act bolder than we use to do to experience the Truth of oneness, the real balance, the Love. On the level of thinking this experience becomes the new record in the mind that replaces the old false one and frees us from compulsion of acting according to a harmful pattern of fear; on the level of feelings freedom replaces guilt and harm.